Lady Kimberly J. Mercer



Kimberly Mercer is the wife of Dr. Samuel T. Mercer and First lady of New Life Church of Atlanta in Winston, GA. Lady Kimberly is a passionate woman who is energized by endeavoring to be her best self while striving to maintain a healthy life and work balance. Her mission is to live a life that is healthy spirituality, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Having personally overcome devastating situations, she strives to help others discover their strength, faith and hope that comes through God’s Word. She’s a firm believer that adversity is necessary to birthing destiny.

She uses her energetic style and her sometimes unique sense of humor to encourage women. She seeks to see healing in the lives of fellow women who desire real, authentic relationships walking away from a victim's mentality and into a life of victory.

Lady Kimberly is driven and her goal is to tear down the misconception that we are identified by our mistakes and to replace that concept with the truth that we are made for so much more.

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